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We work around the clock to protect and assist our youths to a better future. But we need your help to continue.

There are many ways you can help TGSF. One is to make a donation, which will go straight towards our charitable operations. It's an easy process and you can give however much you want – everything helps.

Another way to help is to raise awareness, joining us on our social networks or helping to fundraise in your local communities. We also welcome interns and volunteers at all times.   

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Donating money is an easy process. You can give any amount and all of it will go straight to helping our field operations wherever a youth is in crisis. Make a donation.

Work with us

We work around the world. Stay connected for our vacancies


Learn what it takes to become a volunteer on the ground and learn more about the process by visiting contacting us


We welcome applications from everyone and take a select number of interns throughout the year.


Help rebuild lives

There are many practical ways businesses can help, ranging from helping refugees create cooperatives and strengthen business skills, to employing skilled and trained people. To find out if your company could help, contact us for more information

Organise an event

Would you like to support TGSF’s special events or help spread the word about what we do? There are many ways that you can contribute and participate. Contact us for some ideas!