Crisis Intervention

Crisis Intervention

A 24hrs community-based resource for youth in crisis and their families.
The CI team helps youths and their families during a crisis by providing:

  • Assessment
  • Intervention
  • Stabilization
  • Referrals to community resources

CI’s trained professionals will travel to the youth’s home, school, residential program, or other community setting, as well as Emergency Departments at local hospitals, to provide on-site evaluation and crisis intervention services.


The service is available to youth from 12 through age 24.

What can you expect from a Crisis Intervention Team?

During the first meeting with the CI team, the staff members may:

  • Meet with the youth
  • Meet with family members
  • Gather information about the current crisis and what the youth and family have already tried to resolve the crisis
  • Gather information about the youth’s health and development, medication (past and present), and side effects, school, trauma, family health history, substance use, treatment history, and history of unsafe behaviour
  • With the guardian’s consent, speak with other providers, family members, and community members who have been helping the family

After gathering all of this information and consulting our team will meet with the youth and family to discuss stabilization activities that might be helpful to them. The team will be available to the family for support, stabilization, and coordination. These activities may include but are not limited to:

  • Creating or updating a risk management safety plan
  • Brief interventions that address behaviour and safety
  • Linkage with current community service providers
  • Solution-focused crisis counselling sessions
  • Connecting with natural supports
  • Referral to additional services
  • Referral to Community Based Acute Treatment (CBAT), or Intensive Community Based Acute Treatment (ICBAT).