Knives all time high in the UK – A report by Damien Gayle

Beyond the blade: Gary Younge
July 28, 2017

Number of young people penalised for carrying knives at eight-year high - A report by Damien Gayle

Ministry of Justice data shows under-18s were cautioned or sentenced for knife possession 1,180 times from April to June

More young people are being cautioned or sentenced for carrying knives than at any time for nearly eight years, new figures have revealed.

Under-18s were penalised for knife possession 1,180 times from April to June, Ministry of Justice statistics show – the highest quarterly tally for that age group since the period July to September 2009.

In total, 5,237 knife possession offences were dealt with by the criminal justice system in the three months to the end of June – up 6% on the equivalent period in 2016.

An MoJ report accompanying the statistics said knife possession offences fell between 2008 and 2014, but the trend has reversed in the last three years.

The figures come amid fresh concern about knife crime, particularly in London where 13 teenagers have been fatally stabbed so far this year. Teenagers have also been charged in many cases where adults have been the victims of deadly stabbings. Read more here

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