September 1, 2017

Promoting Education in West Africa 

Help us change lives through Education by building Schools and transforming communities!!!

TGSF works with government and community schools in West Africa which are already in existence, allowing our approach to be sustainable and community-led. We take time to understand the needs of each community and build long-term relationships to create lasting change. We address the needs of children at home, at school and in the community to give them the education they deserve.

Our powerful approach has now evolved to help build entire groups of schools, giving more children the vital support they deserve. If you value education and want to do something incredible, help us transform a community.

We’re committed to removing the barriers that prevent children accessing high-quality education. And, with your support, we can achieve this.

Our unique approach

TGSF has developed an effective way of working with schools in community clusters rather than focusing on individual schools.

We want as much of your donation to reach as many children as possible, however traditional methods of supporting a single school at a time can often be costly and inefficient. We also know that developing an isolated school can even lead to problems such as overcrowding as parents move their children from unsupported schools in the same area – meaning more pressure on teachers and resources.

Instead, by working with small groups of schools simultaneously, you can help us reach entire communities and transform education for a more sustainable and brighter future for children.



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