Poem of the Day

    Poem of the Day

    Composed for the TGSF

    By Barrister Antoinette-Rita Okoiye

    Being a Helping Hand: It is good to be good in this life from God Almighty It is good to live a life of goodness It is good to be full of honesty and integrity It is good to be an example of God’s Divine Greatness.

    Being a helping hand for others, it should come naturally to us and for us because we all have hearts we are all able to love so express your hearts to others and be a helping hand.

    Make that stand! And be a helping hand! Have the strength and might! To save somebody’s life! We can pool resources together, and together we forever remember those who need our help. Let us pray for them Let us bless them Let us show them the way Let us give them a bigger and brighter day! We can do it through this charitable work Let us prove to internally displaced people that they have so much worth!

    Internally displaced people they are people, crafted and loved by God. Who are we to shun them? Who are we to outcast them, reject them, abandon them in suffering? Let us give them hope, courage, love, compassion Not pity, or sympathy But a helping hand. So be part of God’s Plan And provide a helping hand…

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