Become a Partner

With a broad network made up of policy makers, academics pioneers and leading business figures from across Africa, Europe and N. America, the TGSF Partnership scheme is cross-sector, multi-lingual and trans-continental with Partners drawn from a wide variety of backgrounds and specialities.

One thing that all TGSF Partners have in common however is a passion for Youths and a commitment to developing and inspiring them to achieve their potentials.


The Partners is based on an annual membership fee, given as a donation to the charity and ring-fenced explicitly to help cover the work of the Charity (event costs, materials, etc). All proceeds are re-invested in events and other outreach work so that the TGSF and its Partners can continue to engage and influence more people. Not only does this give us a growing group of TGSF Partners, it also provides a fertile pool of experience and ideas for future projects.

We’re helping build our Youths' futures. Join us